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    If breast cancer brings pains and misfortune to women, treating by traditional therapies almost does not make any breakthrough. Patients usually suffer from long treatment cycles. Recurrence of illness incurs high medical expense, which adds insult to injury for a poor family. Along with breast cancer treatment, what leave to a patient are often incomplete body and ruined life. Life should be equal to everyone, who should have the right to enjoy a life with sunshine.

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    Good health is the passport to the road of beauty and happiness for every woman. Among those suffering from breast cancer, many cannot receive effective treatment in time due to economic reasons. Facing high medical costs, they flinch, and remain suffering heavy losses that cancer pains bring about both physically and mentally.

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    In the era of rapid development of medical science and technology, one-time non-invasive breast-conserving radical therapy for breast cancer becomes women's voice. Changjiangyuan Technology SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System solution makes the mentioned therapy possible. Patients do not need to pay a high price for breast cancer any more.

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    Statistical figures indicate that treating an early-stage breast cancer costs about RMB 20,000, however, when it comes to middle and advanced stage, the treatment cost rises to RMB 200,000. An ordinary family in China spends RMB 500,000 on average to treat one case of tumor using traditional radiotherapy or chemotherapy, including examination cost, hospitalization expense and medical expense, etc. In China, a family of general economic conditions spends RMB 200,000–500,000 on cancer treatment. One-time treatment of breast cancer not only retains health and beauty, but livelihood also continues as usual like life. Women patients have more time to pursue their dreams.

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    The famous Chinese psychological consultant and writer Bi Shumin writes in the novel Save Breasts: "If losing breasts, women are not longer ‘perfect', with wounds in hearts self-evident." The short sentence sufficiently reveals that breast cancer brings a double flow to thousands of women. Besides incomplete body, unspeakable miseries hide deeply in heart. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System treats breast cancer without long-term hospitalization. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System treatment charges reasonable cost which can be born by low income families without pressure. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System breast cancer solution is people oriented, which brings gospel to millions of women patients. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System enables modern women to face cancer calmly and enjoy life with confidence.

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    Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women. In every 26 seconds, 1 woman is diagnosed of breast cancer around the world. As is known to all, breasts are unique vital organs of women. Breasts are not only signs of female glamour, but also function to feed offspring. Breast disease impacts patients' life and work to a certain extent. People turn pale when talking about cancer.

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    Young women often neglect their own health due to high working pressure and fast pace of life. Some women bear heavy mental burdens. Lifestyle disorders lead to endocrine disorders. These may all become the cause of breast disease. Environmental pollution, food contamination and delay in giving birth to a baby also increase the risk of suffering from breast cancer.

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    Traditional radical mastectomy has been occupying a leading position in breast cancer comprehensive treatment. Usually the spread of cancer cells can be controlled through traditional radical mastectomy, which not only causes great harm to patients' bodies, but also impacts their families, careers, attitudes towards life and mental health, etc.

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    At present, breast deficiency caused by breast cancer has become a worldwide challenge. Doctors deeply understand the inner pains of breast deficient help seekers, and have been obsessed by the problem for a long time. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System provides a revolutionary new choice for both breast cancer patients and doctors, alleviating agonies of breasts losses and reconstruction.

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    With the social development, people gradually deepen the pursuit of quality of life. Breast-conserving therapy becomes more and more important. After treated by SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System, the appearance of patients' breasts does not show obvious change, which protects the most precious part of women to the maximum. Patients can return to normal life and work within a short period. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System treatment is a safe, non-invasive and healthy treatment in the real sense.

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    Modern women, especially the young, the unmarried, white-collars, leaders and famous persons all require breast-conserving treatment imminently. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System breast-conserving therapy does not need surgery. No bleeding, trauma to surrounding organism or dysfunctions of limbs and organs are induced. Also there is no impact to childbirth and lactation. It is an angel to all female patients who require breast-conserving treatment eagerly. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System brings happiness and hope to innumerable families.

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    Breast cancer has become the "first killer", one person out of 30 suffered from the disease on average, every 12 minutes one woman died of it.

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    In the great pain, the patients have struggled with cancer with extraordinary stamina and endurance. The medical personnel have overcome the difficulty with great determination and have shouldered the sacred mission of saving breast and life.

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    A large number of social activities, for instance, the pink ribbon campaign have unveiled the terrible fact of cancer, to promote "early prevention, early discover, early treatment". Away from the breast cancer, let's start from the love, for our breasts.

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    Prior to clinical treatment of breast cancer, the disease screening in great degree reduced the mortality rate of breast cancer. Since 2009 the ministry of health, ACWF (the All-China Women's Federation) launched the breast cancer screening project, which selected 200 sites across the nation over 3 years for 1.2million rural women aged 35 to 59 years old.

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    For patients in remote areas, they lack of medical resources and authoritative experts. The grass-roots medical personnel are in low level and the medical equipment is also not perfect. All the negative factors impede the timely treatment of breast cancer.

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    SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System healthy remote service can break through space limitation and integrate high-end medical resources in different areas, and also can provide comprehensive scientific treatment and all-round close service, so as to share "healthy remote" fruits with more patients.

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    Non-invasive, safe, fast removal of tumors——SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System "health promise" can avoid excessive medical injury and protect the full breasts.

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    Each woman have healthy dream of her breasts which will represent female charm. We hope our breasts can keep healthy and beautiful as well as with our soul. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System healthy remote services can help women have health and beauty.

The highest goodness is like water

The highest goodness is like water.
Water easily benefits all things without struggle.
Yet it abides in places that men hate.
Therefore it is like the Way.
For dwelling, the Earth is good.
For the mind, depth is good.
The goodness of giving is in the timing.
The goodness of speech is in honesty.
In government, self-mastery is good.
In handling affairs, ability is good.
If you do not wrangle, you will not be blamed.



By using ultrasonic method, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System product has filled the gap in the treatment of tumor at home and abroad, which is at the world advanced level. The application of the technology will improve the level of tumor treatment technology, to promote "healthy medical treatment" as well as the development of "digital medical industry".

Non-invasive Tumor Treatment

SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System utilizes high intensity focused ultrasound to induce the inactivation of tumor cells without surgery, causing no bleeding, no harm to the surrounding tissues, and no dysfunctions of limbs and organs.

System Control Software With Multiple Operation Modes

SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System's advanced iSun™ software system, integrates tumor tomography recognition and 3D reconstruction technologies, and provides comprehensive treatment information, efficient work flow and friendly man-machine interface, which assist to complete routine treatment rapidly and accurately. The open DICOM connector can read CT/MRI image data of outside patients. The registration and fusion of CT/MRI images and real time ultrasound images guide the positioning and improving treatment accuracy.

Equipped with high resolution medical displays, the super-wide-angle Console Unit displays more comprehensive treatment information at the same time. The unique design of main and auxiliary operation areas enable medical personnel to complete treatment more efficiently. The humanized function module partitions with shortcut key operation mode and the unique design of enable keys with light indicators promote the flexibility of system operation without worry of wrong operation.

Flexible and Convenient Nurse Workstation

As system controlled auxiliary operation platform, Nurse Workstation with touch screen and shortcut key operation modes assistedly monitors and quickly adjusts the target region positioning, therapeutic dose and medium water parameters, which enable nurses to control treatment progress for doctors. Nurse Workstation can be used to check patients’ real-time B ultrasound images and the skin conditions of therapeutic region, and monitor treatment process, which ensure a safer and more reliable treatment process.

Advanced Thermostatic Degassed Water Process Unit

The efficient thermostatic degassed Water Process Unit adopts brand new water degassing technology, and provides medium water with defined gas content, which improves the medium water production efficiency. The method of real-time replacement supplies of medium water ensures water supply in time and guarantees treatment effect.

Real Remote Operation System

SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System provides a remote treatment solution, both can solve the problem of multiple doctors involved in the consultation, and can realize complete tumor treatment in long-distance manipulation of the local device. The system can provide multiple doctors workstation synchronization with guided imagery, and have the function of the doctor for remote operation.

It can greatly save medical cost, improve the efficiency of treatment, so patients can get timely and effective treatment at the shortest possible time. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System remote surgery technique, in the true sense, breaks space limitations and integrates remote high-end medical resources, which improves treatment effect up to the hilt and makes the limited technology to create infinite possibilities.

Our Team

Changjiangyuan Technology has devoted their effort to become a global pioneer and a leader of the ultrasonic treatment technology for many years. Company R&D center comprises Chinese academicians from International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering and Chinese Academy of Engineering as chief scientists, and consists of a group of senior professors and young and middle-aged technical elites, with outstanding scientific research ability, most of whom come from such first-class colleges and universities as Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, so as to provide a strong technical support of product upgrade and update. The whole R&D staff has endeavored to work for more than ten years. Through carved technological process, they created sophisticated medical equipment with high precision, high reliability, that is, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System with independent intellectual property rights.

Supreme Services

  • With the ever-increasing development of modern medical science, people's desire for health has become more and more strong. The pursuit of health is a basic goal of people in the new century, meanwhile, it has become a highly regarded fashion. In the eyes of modern people, only having health, can one have everything. Now, many hospitals have invested much money in purchasing the most advanced and sophisticated large medical equipments with auxiliary diagnosis and treatment functions in order to improve the level of medical technology and the popularity and competitiveness of hospital. Before bringing in a new equipment, the primary consideration of a hospital is clinical effect, and the secondary is after-sales service. Hospitals worry and concern a lot about after-sales service.

    Our Services

    Changjiangyuan Technology staff have always been willing to make unremitting efforts for cancer patients all over the world with our advanced technology, exquisite workmanship and dedicated service, and create values for customers continuously. The company aims to make SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System a sign of hospital medical strength. Not only do we keep people healthy, but we also make infinite creations for health.

    You may have the following worries:
    What if doctor does not have relevant experience to operate the equipment?
    Does regular maintenance impact treatment of patients?
    How to handle a tough case?
    How to deal with after-sales repair and maintenance?
    And so on.
    The service we provide is to resolve all your concerns.

  • Our Commitment

    We provide high-efficiency clinical tumor treatment schemes to become your most reliable partner.
    We offer professional technical support and a full range of services to bring the performance of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System into full play.
    We provide practical clinical training to enable you to operate SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System with high proficiency.

  • I'm in the field of cancer for many years and saw many patients suffering from cancer. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System can solve the problem of cancer which benefits mankind.

    Ultrasound therapy is one of the most effective approaches for cancer treatment. It is just like a gun which shoots caner cells. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System is the best ultrasound therapy equipment I have seen by now. It will help not only patients but the doctors.

    I feel that time past quickly accompanied by my doctors and nurses. After 30-mins treatment, I can freely move, and really want to share the happy moment with my family immediately.

    At first, I was a little nervous. The whole treatment was so easy, it was totally unexpected. Considerate care of doctors and nurses help me relaxed. I thank SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System team for hope of new life.

  • Our Team

    Elite technical service team: provide professional installation, debugging, maintenance and repair services.

    Senior training team: provide comprehensive user training and clinical guidance.

    First-class R&D team: meet express or implied reasonable requirements of customers.

  • Operation Training

    Changjiangyuan Technology specially plans a 30-day training service to operation doctors from hospitals which have installed SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System. Logical training arrangement, senior training team, superior training environment and professional interpretive perspective completely rest your heart. Because we know well that an effective training to doctors plays a significant role in the sustainable development of the hospitals and the company.

    A Short Story

    On Oct 15th, 2013, Changjiangyuan Technology receives some special guests, i.e. doctor trainees from SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre in India. There are certain differences between Chinese food and Indian food, which worries the chef of the company a lot. The magic of Indian cuisine lies in its variety of spices. It is said that the seasonings used in Indian cuisine almost rank "the top of the world". The seasonings used in each dish are no less than 10 kinds. After learning the case, the company chef goes to the supermarket promptly and buys a variety of seasonings. When coming back, the chef starts practicing according to the recipe, shifting the role to an "Indian chef". Curry chicken, black pepper potato and many other delicious dishes make the doctors feel at home and make closer between the friends of the two countries.

    Initial Use

    When using our product in the initial stage, the company sends senior clinical specialists to the local hospital to guide clinical treatments on site, helping you to master the system operation quickly and effectively. Based on rich knowledge of medical science, doctors can learn from clinical experiences.

    Clinical Application

    Debugging and Inspection

    Before formal use, we perform debugging and inspection to ensure the equipment conforms to the safety standards and parameters specified.


    The software and hardware of the equipment are upgraded regularly to keep SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System world leading as always.

    Customer Feedback

    Changjiangyuan Technology implements customer complaint handling process strictly and conducts customer satisfaction survey regularly. The company treats every feedback and suggestion seriously and follows up with corresponding adjustment and service optimization. The company's quality policy is teamwork, customer first, whole-hearted service, meeting requirements, safety and effectiveness and sustainable development.

    Remote Assistance

    Remote network service: provides network technical support constantly.

    Remote operation: breaks space limitations and integrates remote high-end medical resources, which realize remote surgery in the real sense.

  • Efficient Installation

    Before installing the equipment, we provide detailed installation environment layout specifications.When installing the equipment, the strict installation procedures guarantee an accurate, reliable and fast installation process.

    Efficient Installation

    Before installing the equipment, we provide detailed installation environment layout specifications.When installing the equipment, the strict installation procedures guarantee an accurate, reliable and fast installation process.

    A Short Story

    When SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System just arrives at India, some doctors are very excited when hearing the news, and cannot wait to pay a visit to SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre. In order that SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System can be put into clinical application and help cancer patients earlier, Changjiangyuan Technology field engineers take the initiative to work overtime through the night.

    The positive working attitude moves our sales agent deeply, motivating him to join our team with more enthusiasm and devote to the promotion of the therapy centre

    Engineers Training

    First, Changjiangyuan Technology provides field training to your service engineers, teaching them to resolve basic problems and perform basic maintenance and making sure they become capable to diagnose problems precisely.

    Second, some problems can be resolved instantly under the support of the remote service system, which not only improves the technical level of hospital engineers and saves cost, more importantly, it reduces downtime greatly.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Large medical equipments are characterized by advanced technology, complex structure, precise manufacture, high price and high degree of automation. They need proper maintenance and efficient troubleshooting measures to guarantee continuous working normally.

    Changjiangyuan Technology guarantees your equipment works safely, efficiently and stably. After-sales service engineers perform regular inspections, correct each parameter, replace wear parts and eliminate potential problems beforehand so as to help you to reduce maintenance cost and extend the service life of the equipment.

    Market Exploitation Assistance

    Changjiangyuan Technology regularly exhibits in large international exhibitions such as Arab Health, Medica and Medical Fair Thailand, etc, assisting sales agents to explore market.

    In India Cancer Congress held in November 2013, our Indian agent introduces SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System equipment and its clinical situations to visiting doctors professionally and patiently. The agent has got himself involved in our team inseparably.

About Us

  • Changjiangyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. has always been pursuing innovation concept as guidance, "healthy therapy" as direction, advanced technology as foundation and human benefit as the ultimate goal, formed generations of Changjiangyuan people to make infinite creations for health with constant power, and successfully developed the world leading SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System, which brings healthiness and hope to numerous cancer patients and innumerable families around the world.

  • We devote to make infinite creations for the health of people all over the world with new therapeutic effect and comfortable treatment experience.
    We customize high-efficiency and personalized clinical tumor treatment schemes to become customers' reliable partner.
    We supply reliable products, provide high quality after-sales services and become long-term partner with clients.

  • Wonder

    The overall shape of the company logo is mainly in form of stream current with the implication that water of the Changjiang River has a long history. Principle part adopts color intersection between light and dark blue. Apart from representation of running water, it also stands for blue of healthy life. Exquisite curving composite figure corresponds with theme of "Changjiangyuan" and reflects constant striving entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, it embodies health beauty of the Changjiang River as well. The source of the Changjiang River is not only the life and health origin of the Chinese people, but more importantly the fountainhead of spiritual heritage for the company to push forward human health career development.

    Changjiangyuan Technology has been devoted to the research and development of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System for 15 years. The core of the cause is everlasting care to human beings from the company staff. Changjiangyuan Technology has always been sticking to the commitment of "Made for Health", making every effort to supply highly sophisticated product for the community, disseminating health concepts, and serving unswervingly for improving the quality of human health.

  • Changjiangyuan Technology at "Year of China" in Russia

    In March 2007, as the representative of advanced technology of Chinese high-tech enterprise appointed by Ministry of Science and Technology, Changjiangyuan Technology was invited to attend the China national exhibition event at "Year of China" in Moscow, Russia. In the exhibition, Chinese president Hu Jintao and Russian president Putin watched the demonstration of our SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System in person and gave high evaluations.

    Changjiangyuan Technology at "International Economic Forum" in Russia

    In June 2007, assigned by the state council, Changjiangyuan Technology accompanied the Vice Premier Wu Yi to attend the "International Economic Forum" held in St. Petersburg, Russia, and carried out business cooperation negotiations with the special representative of Russian president as the first one of Chinese delegation member, which won a good reputation internationally.

    SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Export Opening Ceremony in Shenyang

    On June 20th, 2012, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Export Opening Ceremony was held in Shenyang Changjiangyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd., which has epoch-making significance. Within the next few years, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System with "Healthy Therapy" concept will become new engine of tumor treatment and make greater contributions to the heath of human beings.

    SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System won great acclaim at the 38th Arab Health 2013

    In the 38th Arab Health 2013, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System made an extensive influence with its neat appearance, humanized design, advanced technology and safe and non-invasive treatment method, gained high praise from visitors, and aroused strong repercussions.

    SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System successfully passed first follow-up audit after getting CE certificate

    On August 8th, 2013, the company welcomed the first audit trail after received CE certificate. In the past years, the company adhered to the rigorous practical work style and paid attention to every detail. SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System one-time passed the strict inspection and acceptance by TUV officials.

    Changjiangyuan Technology at the 6th Medical Fair Thailand 2013

    At the 6th Medical Fair Thailand in Sep. 2013, on the opening day, Dr. Anan Ariyachaipanich, Thailand upper second deputy speaker of the house, as a honor guest of exhibition, visited our company booth personally, accompanied by Mr. Gernot, director of general assembly, and listened to SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System product introduction, and gave high evaluation.

    Changjiangyuan Technology interview at Medical Fair Thailand, 2013

    On September 13th, 2013, Malaysia C21 TV station interviewed ourcompany booth, and in its official website published the special report "Changjiangyuan at Cutting Edge of Cancer Therapy with Ultrasound Tumor Ablation System" to further expand the SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System influence in the international market.

    "SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre" in India receives attention from all walks of life.

    The counsellor of Ministry of Science and Technology of Chinese embassy in India, Cao Jianye (left), visited “SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre” established by our company and India Incredible Group, and expressed full support for the development of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System in Indian market.

    The counsellor of Ministry of Science and Technology of Chinese embassy in India, Cao Jianye (the second on the right), and secretary, Liu Xiang (the first on the right), listened carefully to the product introduction from Changjiangyuan Technology project managers, and believed that the Sino-Indian cooperation would further promote the development of Chinese enterprises in Indian healthcare market.

    The top official of Ministry of Health in India, Prof. Jagdish Prasad (left), visited the Sino-Indian partnership, “SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre”.

    The attending doctor of “SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System Breast Conservancy Therapy Centre”, Anil Thakwani, explained the working principle and clinical application of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System to the oncologists from major hospitals in India. The oncologists watched the whole experiment demonstration seriously and expressed their expectation on the clinical application of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System in India.

    • From 2005 to 2008, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in Shenyang science and technology program.

    • In 2006, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in Shenyang science and technology program by Shenyang Economic and Trade Commission.

    • In 2007, Ministry of Science and Technology appointed high-tech enterprise representatives to attend the "Sino-Russian Year" event. Among more than 400 outstanding enterprises recommended by 54 state-level high-tech zones, Changjiangyuan Technology was invited as 1 of the 13 enterprise representatives, and had drawn extensive attention of Chinese and Russian presidents during the exhibition.

    • In 2007, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Liaoning provincial government.

    • In 2007, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Shenyang high-tech zone.

    • In 2008, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Liaoning provincial government.

    • In 2008, Changjiangyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the technological innovation model enterprise in Liaoning province and had obtained major supports for two consecutive years.

    • In 2008, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in Shenyang information industry development fund program by Shenyang Economic and Information Commission.

    • In 2008 and 2009, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in torch program by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

    • In 2009, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Shenyang high-tech development zone.

    • In 2010, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Shenyang high-tech development zone.

    • In 2010, Changjiangyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was identified as provincial High Intensity Focused Ultrasound research center by Liaoning Science and Technology Bureau.

    • In 2010, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in the science and technology program of Dongling District (Hunnan District) Shenyang.

    • In 2011, SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System was ranked in Shenyang informatization and information industry program.

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    According to the latest data released by American Cancer Congress on the journal in 2013, breast cancer still tops the first of malignant tumor incidence in females, accounting for 29% of all new cases; mortality of breast cancer is ranking the second after lung cancer, causing 14% of all women dying from malignant tumor. "It hasn't been realized before suffering from cancer, that actually, the most important thing in lifetime goes to life and family. Money, job, even social status is not as significant as one might think. I used to believe I am an extremely crucial person to the company, now I came to be aware that anyone can live without me, but except for my family". ----from a patient who suffers from positive HER2 breast cancer

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    Being relatively ominous in breast cancer classification, positive HER2 breast cancer belongs to disease type with higher malignant degree and possibility of recurrence and metastasis, which is often compared to a dark butterfly lingering on the pink ribbon. This "black butterfly" indicates fast tumor progression, easy recurrence and poor prognosis. Therefore, positive HER2 breast cancer patients must get normalized treatment as early as possible after diagnosis.

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    Among these people, however, there are quite a number of patients who keep strong desire for breast conserving and feel reluctant to get surgical resection treatment. It is radically hard for them to accept the reality of suffering from breast cancer. Travelling between a lot of places, but only to face the exact same diagnosis results, all their hopes are dashed to pieces; meanwhile, they have missed the best treatment opportunity.

  • solidaire

    SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System is at the international leading level and only one-time treatment can it destroy malignant tumor cell structure effectively and result in complete ablation. The whole process of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System treatment is without any side effects, which is also applicable to pregnant women. No radiation from the machine proves SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System is the real safe and effective equipment for cancer treatment. Currently clinical indication is breast cancer and it has become the preferred method in breast-conserving therapy.

  • solidaire

    Life is filled with smile as well as fear. The care from SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System and family makes me become more courageous. Seeing brightness from the dark, I am no longer afraid even in the face of "black butterfly" and more determined to fight with serious illness.

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    According to the survey data released by Cancer Foundation of China, breast cancer has become the most threatening malignant tumor to females in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities. In the most serious city, Shanghai currently has 40,000 breast cancer patients and 129 new cancer cases every day, in which 10 cases belong to breast cancer. And among them, 20%-30% patients suffer from positive HER2 breast cancer, which takes on more critical disease characteristics and worsens condition of breast cancer patients. Numerous and complicated treatment therapies often make them distressed and exhausted.

  • solidaire

    The quality of the product is at the top of the pyramid. In order to realize safe and fast treatment scheme, advanced quality management system, strict management assessment system and senior system auditors guarantee stable quality of each production process as well as long-term quality of SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System. After SUPER Knife-Focused Beam Therapy System treatment, patients enjoy the happiness of cure for cancer and continuous home care, ever since the quality of human life can be enhanced.

Breast Care

  • For women and other female animals, breasts are the secondary sexual organs. In breast-feeding period, mammary gland will lactate and feed offspring. Healthy and plump breasts reveal the female sexy charm, which represent the life, youth, love and power of women. Love of breasts begins with the understanding of them.

    Breast structure is divided into internal and external ones. The internal structure is composed of gland, duct, fat tissue and fibrous tissue. And the external structure includes nipple with compact connective tissue and smooth muscle.

    The development of breast will last six periods. The First Period (1-9 years old): Breasts begin bud.
    The Second Period (10-11y): Breasts under the nipples start to grow.
    The Third Period (12-13y): Breasts turn round.
    The Fourth Period (14-15y): Nipples and areolas become forward.
    The Fifth Period (16-18y): Normal breasts are shaped.

    Generally speaking, the ideal and perfect breast will satisfy the following description:
    The breast position is between the second and the sixth rib, and the nipple is in the fourth rib.
    The interval of two nipples is more than 20 centimeters, and the left and the right breasts have same size and are symmetrical.
    Shape tall and half-ball shape.
    Be plump, symmetrical, soft and elastic.
    Without wonder, every woman desires to have a pair of healthy and beautiful breast. Cheer on!

  • Breast is women unique physiological sign, and its health and beauty make women more and more love themselves and life.Care for breast is the forever love for women's life. In different periods, we should pay attention to different points. For example, in infant period, please touch it gently, and avoid using hands to knead or pinch.

    In adolescent period, please choose comfortable bra and correctly wear. Moreover strengthen the chest sports, be alert to breast lump. In menstrual period, there are many physiological lumps in her breast with fullness sensation. Do don't overwork, far away from spicy and stimulating food. Do keep cheerful mood!

    Tips for choosing a bra: Choose a suitable cup: breast slightly larger with more fat——3/4 bra relatively small bra——1/2 bra plump——4/4 bra Choose soft cotton bra. For women with plump breasts, it's best to choose wide shoulder straps. Ensure the underarm fat completely into the cup.

    In pregnancy and lactation period, keep the breast clean. Do breast massage at fixed period. While in menopause period, avoid overworked, and adjust the mood actively, and have a regular inspection.

    Care for breast; let's start from the daily life!
    A. Have a good habit——early to bed and early to rise, out of staying up late.
    B. Strengthen sports, for instance, do push-ups and do swimming.
    C. Keep a good mood.
    D. Keep correct posture and position.
    E. Eat more high protein food, such as milk and dairy products, far away from coffee or dark tea.
    F. Alternate hot and cold water bath with breast massage.

  • The three most common symptoms for patients:
    A. Hyperplasia of mammary glands: It refers to the mammary gland epithelial and fibrous tissue hyperplasia, and the mammary gland organization catheters and breast lobule on the structure of degenerative diseases and progressive growth of connective tissue. This is the most common female breast disease, and its incidence leaps to the first.
    B. Mammary gland inflammation: acute purulent infection
    C. Fibro-adenoma of breast: common benign tumor

    Breast cancer is malignant tumor from lobules unit at terminal catheter, whose incidence becomes female malignant tumors. Most cancer occurs in upper quadrant outside mammary gland, and then followed by central region and other quadrants. Early performance of breast cancer is as follows:
    breast mass
    nipple discharge
    skin change
    abnormal nipple and areola
    axillary lymph nodes swollen

    The breast is the nurturing of life, and is also a destroyer. On the one hand, it is the sign of a girl growing to a woman, and on the other hand, it relentlessly brings cancer and death. Far away breast cancer, pay attention to women at high risk:
    Early menstruation or menopause
    Long-time mental depression
    Single or nor lactation
    Too much abortion
    A family history of breast cancer
    Uncured mammary glands within a long period
    Repeated exposure to various radiation

  • A. LOOK
    Breast self-exam is an important means of early detection of cancer, and the inspection time is usually once a month. The best time for women is 9-11 days after the menstrual period. Self-exam method is as below: Look closely at each side, namely look at breast appearance, size, skin color or nipple color change, and lift the side arm to see if the other side of the breast like normal lift. And then lift hands above your head, turn to the other side and again to observe the other side in the same way.

    Circle-like touch
    At the beginning, touch the breast along the outside circle of breast, and also draw a small circle around the breast, and gradually move to the center until reach the nipples.
    Radial-like touch
    Imagine breast as a clock. Touch the breast from the nipple to the direction of 12 o'clock, and then to one, two, three o'clock and so on.
    Up and down touch
    Imagine the breast as a series of vertical brand. Use your finger to touch each brand up and down. In the touching progress, finger small circle.

    C. LIE
    Take the horizontal position, one side arm over head, with a small pillow under shoulders, which can make this side breast flatten. Touch this side breast as the above methods. And then use the same method to check contra-lateral breast, and compare the left and right breast.
    The meaning is to make the pump breasts become flat, which is close to find the abnormal.

    After we learn the self-exams, if observed the abnormal situations, clear or not clear nodules, and nipple discharge, do find a specialist and have a check. Self-exam cannot replace regular professional breast inspection. And the best way is to combine the two methods.

  • "Pink ribbon" as a recognized public identification, of global breast cancer prevention activities, advocates the following concepts "early prevention, early detection, early treatment". The pink ribbon activities spread dozens of countries. And each national government will choose October as "the breast cancer prevention mouth".

    Pink ribbon campaign is not only a loving breast movement, but also is a sort of pursuit of health and beauty. Yao Beina, the spokeswoman of 2003 pink campaign, says "the scar is my unique feat", which is so inspiring and calls for deep thought.
    tips:Yao's tips:
    Attach great importance to the physical examination
    Have enough breast health knowledge
    Regulate the body comprehensively
    Obey the body demand

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